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it's about time!

The PostEnotes website let's you post a message wherever you want. Postenotes are digital notes that are mapped to a specific location using latitude and longitude coordinates. Postenotes are stored in the cloud, like your email.

Digital notes (your message) can be written reminders, recommendations, experiences, wedding photos — whatever you want to say or remember.

To use PostEnotes, you need an internet-connected device like a smartphone or computer. You can view and post notes at any location in the world by accessing the PostEnotes website on your computer, or by using the app-like interface on your phone.

Other people in the same area can see your public notes. Notes can be set to expire when they are no longer relevant. For example, if you post a Lost Dog note and you find your dog, then your dog is no longer lost.

In short, PostEnotes let's you attach notes to specific locations wherever you have access to the internet and can cobble together some GPS coordinates.


PostEnotes were born in 2013, or at least that's the year the first note was created. PostEnotes came into being as a mobile-app called plnkx. Plnkx is a portmanteau of internet place link, and may one day grow up to be the commercial version of PostEnotes (plnkx.com).

Because of performance problems with the app, as well as other demands that take time away from 'side projects', the application languished and was only recently moved (2023) to this web-based version.

The app languished but did not die, because I kept finding myself using it: when I go to weddings, when I go out to eat on my anniversary, when I want to remember the location of my friends house in another state so that when I come to visit all I have to do is look at the note I posted in front of their door, breakfast in Paris.

Many of those notes are marked private, for obvious reasons.

PostEnotes have nothing to do with Post-it® notes, but I think the possible uses of PostEnotes are just as abundant as those of its paper version cousins.

PostEnotes is supported by the owners of a small business located in Seattle, Washington, USA. With no outside funding or full-time employees, PostEnotes is a labor of love. 1


1 We plan is to remain self-funded for the foreseeable future. We are our own portfolio (plnkx, on the other hand, may be a different story).